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About Ugly Dog Gravel Triathlon

What is Ugly Dog Gravel Triathlon?

Ugly Dog Gravel Tri started in 2018 as a swim – gravel bike – trail run event. Your will start your day with a beautiful swim in Portage Lake. Then get ready for the bike leg, but leave the expensive tri bike and skinny tires home. Grab a road bike, fat tire, mountain bike, whatever is going to take you through the gravel roads. Once you are back to transition, finish off your race with a wooded trail run.

Ugly Dog Tri History

Started in 2018 by EPIC Races, Ugly Dog Tri is the original gravel triathlon, combining swimming, gravel biking and trail running. The event takes place in Big Portage Lake State Park, Waterloo Recreation Area in Grass Lake, MI.

In late 2021, Tris4Health acquired the event along with Waterloo G&G Gravel Road Race to add to its family of events. Coupled with Tris4Health’s The Dirty Mitten Gravel Triathlon, Ugly Dog Gravel Tri puts Michigan on the map as the predominant gravel triathlon destination in the country.

Registration for Ugly Dog Gravel Triathlon is now open. For any questions about this event, please contact us here.